Nice noises.. and crazy visuals.


Love Lace. Lace Fence. Love Fence.

I’m about to start making the website for LoveLace – Urban Fiction 2.0. And while I was researching images of lace, the look and feel of it and the qualities of the material.. how I might want to design the pages and the interaction.. looking for inspiration! I came across this: Lace Fence … Metal fabric (most awesome). “The material was originally designed as a high-end metal fabric that gives new insights in how we can create unique environments. The design, quality and density of the patterns are flexible. Meaning that for each application we create according to its function. For example to prevent climbing on, to hide or enhance its surroundings. To deal with harsh weather or to give an unique custom made look.”

I’m very drawn to Lace Fence. What beautiful inspiration for street art… The idea is so simple and so aesthetically pleasing. When I look at the photo-documentation, I can imagine a list of fences around the inner city where this would fit right in.
It seems like this company does it as sort of council paid murals, like contracted graff walls, but I see the potential to make this something that says so much more. Next step, need to by a good pair of wire cutters for testing!!