presentation 4, week 13

Lucky week 13!

The hardware test went, less painfully than I anticipated.
Still a lot of sleepless nights ahead, but I think it will come together. The mapping is ongoing. The most important things that I want to achieve before leaving to go to Worlds on Friday are:
1. Pseudo code (Finished by Wednesday night)
2. Review the footage from hardware test on Tuesday (Wednesday night)
3. Record the ambient noise inside the studio – there is already a lot going on there… (Thursday morning)
4. Video of choreography (Thursday night) → email to sound designer before leaving
5. Dramatury – write the script to give to the performers to rehearse (by Wednesday night)
6. Contact Gary – Public performance (Wednesday)
7. Pick up the 2nd digitizer (thursday morning)

Notes from test in-situ:
Why doesn’t the current soundscape work?
The sketch itself uses vectors, the sound doesn’t build in intensity fast enough.

Sound Parameters
– Cut off?
– What other filters to use?
– Is an organ or held note the right solution for a sound that will be mapped to the performers?

– Need the sketch to have 2 ORIGINS

Visual Parameters
1a) Split probability → More splitProb = more vulnerability
1b) Stroke Weight → If splitProb is HIGH then strokeWeight is LOW
→ If splitProb is LOW then strokeWeight is HIGH
1c) Split Angle

2a) DistThresh – this is the distance that 2 points will join; higher the number, the larger distance will be connected (i.e. higher = more lines will be drawn), and the lower, the shorter

3a) frameCount %

4a) Length of PVector

Notes from the presentation to Simon and Tom:
– flow, opening
– less musical
– sound of a rolling wave could work much better.
– simple, natural with a tone to it (manipulation of frequencies) → opening/ closing filter
rethink percussion
– does reyne know how to use abletonlive??
– email simon for samples of extended chords from Beethoven symphonies extended
– Darwinian evolution (the knife album from lachlan)
– granular effects like the cracking
– the speed of the vector will be very important
– how long is the delay between the action and response in the system??
– Look into getting a Perspex mirror instead of a glass on – lighter and less dangerous to move/ mount
– Fading in sketch should decrease as the intensity of the performance increases (as with the sound)

… ok. a lot to get cracking on!


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