thinking audibly

I guess for the show, I’m thinking there is an underlying track that we spoke about, and yes i agree that a drum loop would hold it much nicer together, and be more musical, more performative etc. There is a good example of a “heart-beaty” sort of loop in the “LXD Teaser Choises HD” file at 0:37, also around 3:33 in “Mortal Engine by Chunky Move”.
The track should be muffled sounds, humming of electric generator, whales(?), sliding electric guitar strings, repeating cd, static, distortion, airplane flying(?)…
I really like the sound around 1:30 of “Mortal Engine”…

The work/ space should start ’empty’ sounding, because the karate-ka will be performing a kata first. After around 30-45 seconds, the intensity will start to grow, the room will start to ‘crack’ more, and it will be as though these cracks are allowing the space to fill with more sound…
As the performers fight each other, the intensity rises and falls – all of this can be pre-recorded in the underlying track.
Finally, at the end of the performance (around 5-6 minutes) the sound of the space will be similar to the start, almost as though the cracks have frozen over, or coalesce together, emptying the space of sound again, or perhaps blocking it off from intruding.

The sensors will affect sound ‘above’ the din of the room.. e.g. muffled horns(?), or strings… maybe you have a better idea?? –> i have to look more into the parameters I want to affect. A good example of the interference of the sounds that are connected to the performers is at 1:56 on “The LXD Teaser Choices”. “Cut-off” can that be a parameter?


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