Exegesis submission

Finally complete… this was not what I would call a labour of love, more like an explosion of emotion and I’m not entirely sure it will stand up for itself, but I think it has been… a journey.
A far call from the draft that I submitted to Andrew in week 4, and even in week 8… and thank goodness.

Sensibility and virtuality: Communicating kumite digitally
This paper discusses the work Jeu Kumite, a performative-interactive digital media work that investigates the digital representation of kumite (or sparring) within the martial art of karate. The work addresses the poetic narrative of pressure and control within kumite, attempting to create a feedback system that will visually and sonically illustrate in real-time the unseen dialogue of two performers during kumite. The work aims to investigate the subtleties within combative interaction.

My investigation will reflect on the use of technology as prosthesis in digital performance and ask what kind of rules might pertain in a landscape affected by the exchanges of pressure and control within karate. And how this poetic narrative of change and transformation between the performers could be interpreted through biosensor data into a new aesthetic within a digital landscape. The final performance strips bare the qualities of kumite, engaging the audience in a sensual experience of kumite from within. The paper will discuss and deconstruct the synthesis of this new visual and sonic expression.


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