Learning from on-site test

– Projector (the lighter in weight, the better)
– Power board
– Extension chord
– Monitor to VGA connection+ extension chord … may need one that is longer than 5m
– “Some sort of device” to mount the projector to the top of the space

– Video camera
– Fish-eye lens/ or wide angle lens to cover the whole space, right now my camera only sees about 2mx1.5m of the space
– Firewire (to connect the image to the computer)
– “Another sort of mounting device” from above the floor
– A remote control for the camera to control it remotely
– A SECOND video camera for recording the performance from ground level

– 2x G-Force Sensors
– 2x Wi-MircoDig
– 4x batteries for the digitizers (2 spare)
– Strapping to attach the sensors to the players bodies

– Infrared light to wash the space (in order to avoid lighting issues, and use dim light during the performance
– Infrared camera (?)

– White vinyl (4x4m)

– MOUNTING – During the test, I used John Gillies custom made mounting device.
– VISUALS – What does the accumulation of cracks really represent? i.e. the density of the black space. Do i need to change the aesthetic of visuals or does the intensity of the crack represent the interaction between the fighters? Should I use Bunkai where the attack and defence is much more clearly defined and performative, especially from an audience’s point of view? Or dojo kumite, where the movements are more static but less aesthetic?

References to read today:


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