audio enlightenment

NOTES: Taken from “Body Navigation” by Ole Kristensen
The system was created using Processing for infrared blob-tracking of dancers and drawing the openGL graphics. During the performance, the system was controlled live by a person from an ISADORA-based interface via osc.
(Note to self: “Oh dear”)
The floor was covered with white vinyl.

Things to look into after the meeting with Simon…
– What kind of sequencer will I be using?
– What kind of amp will I be using?

REF: “The wilderness downtown” in Goggle Chrome by Arcade Fire … Pure Awesomeness…

– What is the bridging software between Processing and the Sequencer… (This may have to be Isadora)
– Reference:
– How is the MIDI data interpreted?

– Look into ‘Pressure zone microphones’ that could be used to amplify a heartbeat


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