feedback from presentation 2. what a morning.

Feedback from Tom and Phil.

– Carry out the installation to finalise stage design.
– Where will the Examiner/s be placed? -elevated? on a ladder? ground level?
– Contact Selena to find out where my space is for the End of Year Show
– email Tara about the A1 photographic studio

– There was issues with the live demo and blog detection in the studio – could 4 light sources be the solution to properly light the area?
– Look up, Peter Kirn

– “Where is the subjectivity coming from?”
– “Is the environment a representation of the “shared mental space”?

– Look into other possibilities apart from Processing. For example ISADORA as the software interface tool. Could be Plan B and use pre-created video from Processing mapped onto motion detection/ blob detection of isadora.

Ref: (Adaptive Architecture and Computation)


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