pres 2, wk 6 (omg)

PRESENTATION 2 – Where I’m at
– Able to connect to the editor
– Able to using the “BluetoothDesktop” library together with the Serial library without my machine crashing

– Unable to view the data in processing

Next step
– In correspondence with Tech Support

– Able to take some data from the sensor (only one stream)
– The data is affect by the acceleration of a technique. It will spike (backwards) to 1 when a jolting move is performed and oscillate between around 30 to 53 when rhythmic actions are being performed.
– It is very easy to plug in the variables of the sensor into applicable sketches once the data is accessible in Processing!

– Unable to connect to the editor
– Unable to read 3 streams of data in Processing

Next Step
– Transferring more than 1 stream of data into Processing into a sketch
– How to convert Bluetooth data into MIDI data –> Processing the values from

Sketches – Integrating the sensor data into
– cracks_4_midi
– noisefield – midi
– Open CV blob detection- distance threshold
– orange networks from jute – midi

Learning after speaking to audio engineers
1. Andrew + suggestions
– Audio triggers

2. Simon + suggestion
– Synth filters

Examination preparation
– Projector test
– Recruitment of 2 performers
– Hardware finalised
– Next step

Milestones before the next presentation
– Solution for the conversion of Bluetooth to MIDI data
– Integration of Blob detection with Perlin Noise sketch
– Overall the joining of elements into one sketch to work from

Sound design
– Understand how and what sound will be heard through the channels
– Finalise the system that will be used for the examination

– Full draft paper is due on Thursday 26 August
– Correct all my references and footnote citations




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