enter soundman

I spoke to Andrew today (the sound-wiki). He was quite helpful in directing me in some new investigations about what I have to do to get my sound design ball rolling.

Here are the minutes of our brief meeting

– Look at drum triggers, audio triggers, and Processing audio libraries that use MIDI

Reference: http://www.ddrum.com/

A basic example of what someone made using audio triggers in the minim library in processing

– Investigate the emotion of sounds and chords. Possibly conduct a quick user survey of how people react to the various orchestral chords and sound that I am thinking of sampling to better understand how people perceive the sounds I am thinking of using.

– Speaker set-up… The speakers will have to be mounted high in the corners of the room. If I decide to go with 4 tracks, or even more than 1 track, it would be worthwhile to look into how I could use blob detection to trigger the velocity or volume of the sound in the work reactive to the positioning of the players. I may need a sound encoder like surround sound systems use. (I hope not)

– Listen to the various effects of clipping tracks. Look into the 2 types of clipping that can be achieved: digital vs. analogue

– Andrew thought of Street Fighter 2 the more I talked about my project… hmm…

– Once I have done my homework, one of the editors of Audio Technology might be able to impart some know-how to my humble project

Reference: http://www.audiotechnology.com.au/

And finally… unrelated to the meeting we had, here is a little sound data visualisation that I stumbled across. Made in processing, and added fresh to vimeo, the visuals are affected by the audio… p.s. 31fps has a pretty awesome website, and he’s from Hamburg (add another brownie point!)


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