location scout

I had a look at the LDG Gallery today. The A1 Photography Studio was being used, but Craig let me have a look and take some snaps at the A2 studio. He says the dimensions are pretty much the same, and the ceiling is rigged with lights which could make it easier to rig a projector to one of the rails. I roughly measured out the space that could be used for the performance. The entire space is about 7×8 meters, but if I were to use the center of the room, then 5x5x5 meters is what I would be looking at. It’s a very nice space and the wooden floors make could give the projection the texture that I discussed with Will about in my last presentation. And using the natural textures of the room could work very well for the final projection of making the digital cracks into the floor – making the folding of the physical and the digital space more seamless in the performance.

Here are some images — terrible quality because I forgot my camera, but my little mobile did the job for today. I will go back and take a look at the other photographic studio to see its potential.


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