S2, wk 3, pres1 (feedback)

Here is the .pdf of my presentation slides (basically a summary of my blog posts from july 26 onwards)

Feedback and thoughts from Will and Petra…
***Think about the conclusion of the work… after 2-4 minutes of watching the interaction…
– Will the work/ performance have a resolution? Does it need one?
– After having experienced the unraveling of the “poetry” within a fight, what will be the final reflection for the audience?

– What is it that I am really representing?
–> It is something bigger than karate/ kumite itself. It is something of the higher consciousness that karate taps into… develop this within my paper.
– What is doing in representing subjective states through expressions in materiality… Has it been done in this way before?
–> Look further into other artists’ work to clearly understand the the similarities and differences

– The visualisation, as the layers of the drawing fade into the background, it will eventually only be expressing the “effect” and no longer “cause and effect”.
– Could I think of the system (the space and the performers) as a sort of ecology… not really a hierarchy, more like symbiosis? autopoeisis?
– Positive feedback on the visual style so far… keep going down this thread
– Think about each state and it’s representation as a “new crack”… after a while, what will the resulting generative cracks represent
– Textures could be a good anchor for audiences to make the link between the destruction of the material and the exchange of pressure and control/ the space in between the performers.

– Make testing with BOTH performers a priority for the coming weeks – the interaction of BOTH sensors could dramatically change the way I program the final work.
– Testing with both players present will be totally different to carrying out testing only on myself
Lock in the 2nd performer ASAP
– Be sure to be wary of the Week 7 Milestone that I have scheduled for myself for choreography

– Make it a priority to post comments on forums, and not just research what others have done re: taking the data from i-CubeX editor into processing… if there is no response available and if I don’t hear back on my own posts, then the answer I am looking for, may not be available (although, I think the answer is out there.. my googling may not be efficient enough!)

Links of more cracking inspiration:
Types of distress in asphalt – http://www.asphaltinstitute.org/public/engineering/Maintenance_Rehab/Distress_Summary.asp
Cracking and Branching techniques – http://www.filterforge.com/forum/read.php?FID=10&TID=5711
Mapping/ visualcomplexity.com – http://designcorner.blinkr.net/visualcomplexity.com/?page=18
Image analysis of Fractal geometry – http://ac.marywood.edu/tfkent/www/research/fractal_soil/
Moondog’s doodles – nice style! – http://www.moondogsdoodles.com/2007/12/another-day-another-doodle.html

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