i-CubeX Workshop Brief

In the workshop, participants will learn how to apply sensor technology
(with special attention to capturing human movements) to develop their
own concepts of electronic media control (with special attention to
controlling sound and music media), without needing to become a hardware
engineer. The workshop aims to achieve three goals.

1. Understanding of I-CubeX sensors’ capabilities (what they can capture
and how they could be applied)
Starting with a discussion and analysis of what the participants would
like to achieve, various relevant sensor technologies will be presented
and discussed together with examples of I-CubeX sensor products, and/or
similar electronic art projects. If applicable, demo applications of
I-CubeX products will be presented and discussed in some detail to
provide suggestions to the participants how to proceed with their vision
of a controller, interactive installation etc..

2. Understanding of I-CubeX operation (how to setup a number of sensors
and create/control output)
Each participant will be setup with I-CubeX equipment as best matches
their needs. After all setups have been installed and are working, all
features of I-CubeX hardware and software will be explained and
demonstrated, with the participants being able to try out these features
on their setup.

3. Proof of concept wrt. participant’s interactive design
The participants will be guided to develop the setup into a prototype of
the controller or interactive installation they would like to make. This
includes examining and discussing signal processing aspects, mapping and
routing of data, 3rd-party software options to create suitable output,
practical implementation issues (eg. in the case of on-body
instrumentation), wireless options etc..

We will be using software such as Max/MSP, Live, Max4Live, Flash etc..
The participants need to be familiar with the software of their choice
already, but no knowledge of sensors and sensor interfacing is assumed,
while it will not be necessary for participants to hack hardware or
solder electronic components.


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