meeting feedback (from 3 june)

Hardware Update
– The wiring might be broken on the BioBeat ‘ground’ wire – Ask Axel – How do we double check this?
– I tested the sensor with Arduino and Processing and unfortunately, I did not receive any output from the sensor into the computer. The ardunio board’s power was OK – and we double checked this by connecting an LED to it. However when the wires were connected to the BioBeat, there was no reading when the “Firmata” sketch was run to test the serial port. It picked up the external hardware, but only printed out “0” when it was run.

Points to consider:
– The “Attack” and “Release” of sound
– Think about the sound waves as representations of the performance
– Layers of sound… the release and and the building upon of sound/s
– Define the basic state/ equilibrium state –> What is the canvas for the sound?
e.g. wind, breathing, will it be melodic
– Deconstruct the layers of meaning within a movement
– Where will the acceleromers be connected to the players?
– How big the space for play be?
-Could a walking GPS be useful/ relevant for recording the acceleration of the performer?

States of play
1. Giving pressure –> This occurs simultaneous between the players i.e. when one is the “Pressur-er” the other is the “Pressur-ee”. From the point of view of the sensors – When one is giving pressure or controlling the bout, the other receiving pressure and being controlled.

2. Attacking or commitment to an attack = DIFFUSING THE PRESSURE

3. Quick exchange of pressure –> “heavy” movement/ very dynamic from both performers.


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