studio presentation 3

– The work is a digital performance that utilises new media technology, specifically biosensory data that will ask questions about the mind and body when it is subjected to physical conflict in the context of kumite or sparring within karate.

[0] Recap previous annotation

[1] Audio annotated fight
– At 1:02 this representation I think fits best with the visual, in a way that the audience would best be able to connect to

→ the use of silence as a means of communication
What does silence signify?
– Silence can be interpreted as positive or negative
– It can mean disagreement, or disconnectedness or connection and appreciation
Normally, it suggests a LACK of communication. But silence is also used as TOTAL communication
Speech patterns such as STUTTERING, or HESITATION.

[2] Word list (Subjective data collection – include Case Study 1)
Human Qualities

Computerizable qualities

Performative/ Relation to the audience or to the space

→ These words are key in dealing algorithmically with sensation and tactility of the interface

[3] REFLECTIONS after fighting, their descriptions of pressure states, and control states
[4.1] Putting what the athletes described into programming
[4.2] Dealing algorithmically with sensation and decision making
[5] sketches of how I see the performance space
[6] the live performance will be carried out on the opening night of the end of year exhibition and then the work will become a video installation for the remainder of time.

Anna Munster – Materializing New Media
p.11 → metaphor of narrative and the construction of natural history
p.11 → “new digital biology as the next evolutionary stage, one that will surpass organic human biology”
p.12 → “Reconsider our understanding of humans as agents who control both the natural and artificial worlds.
p.13 → “Treat the materiality of technologies as open-ended propositions continually in a process of being made and unmade.
p. 22 → “emerging digital bodies”
→ “Folds of the body and information through proximity and distance that simultaneously mark our relations to others within global information culture.”

Forms –Radiation


– Energy radiating from a central point/ blob into a sort of particle web
– Energy can be positive or negative (attraction or repulsion)
– A tactile example would be the work of Cai Guo Qiang, who often uses fireworks or gunpowder on canvas or on other materials to produce his paintings:

— I want to convey a sense of urgency and release in the visuals and audio to illustrate this result of mental pressure

[1] Where I’m at with the sensors
[2] workshop questions – set up + software, and prepare to troubleshoot
[3] hardware requirements for the final performance → will know more once the location is scouted
[4] Target: Have my set up and ALL my questions for troubleshooting ready for the i-CubeX workshop that will take place on June 11.

[1] Processing Prototyping (Demo)
–> some sketches in processing to demonstrate basic fundamentals of my concept.
colorweb – Illustrates the synthesis of sounds to generate something new

particleweb – giving an aesthetic to the memory of the space. Ideally to be seen from a birds-eye view, the disturbance of the web is triggered by an event during the engagement of the performers e.g. breaching the a distance threashold or both their heart rates reaching over 180bpm, indicating high adrenalin or anxiety

test1 – illustrates 2 masses, similar to the 2 performers and the attraction or repulsion of particles that surround them, these particles could be analagous to some sort of energy field, or an indication of where one performer’s space ends and the other’s begins, or the constant forces that orbit them as they move in the space.


[2] Carry these ideas forward into pd/ GEM
[3] TUIO library in pd – blob detection

[1] Where am I in terms of my schedule


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