testing continues…


i-Cube-X editor

Finally, a good start. The new cable that Simon lent to me was immediately read by pd when I was setting up the audio and midi devices.

This didn’t happen before. With the cable I originally had, I couldn’t even view the audio/ midi preferences to change them. Once I was able to, but it did not pick up on any external midi device at all and I could not change the default “none” setting.
After testing in the test patch, I’m not sure if I got a reading on any data. I did feel like the BioBeat zapped me once or twice though! ha…
I don’t think anything was coming though the connection though because while the audio numbers were fluctuating when I increased the ambient noise, the midi number boxes in the patch did not shift from zero.

Next I tested in the MIDItester patch that comes inside the pd examples – I think they expect the midi connection to be to a keyboard or other audio device and the tests seemed to not be applicable to the biosensor.
I’ll investigate more…
Did I mention, I can’t wait for this workshop in June??


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