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I STILL have not managed to get any data samples from the BioBeat sensor. I have tried on Max/MSP, Processing and pd.
Apart from stumbling over GEM, a collection of externals which allow the user to create OpenGL graphics within Pd… not much more fruit has been harvested from my investigation.

I have started a dialogue with i-CubeX Tech support who have been helpful so far and I am FINALLY I am getting a better understanding of what the issue with my set up was. The main issue was that I was treating my digitizer like the wi-microDig when in fact the ones I have are called Digtizer and μdig (or microDig). What Tech support revealed to me is that the test patches are not applicable to these two models of digtizer because the output is Midi data and not bluetooth data, as the patch expects it to.

Also, after asking if i needed to download applicable drivers, the tech support only replied with telling me that I simply had to install the two .ixo files into the max-externals folder which is what I had done. However, still no luck!

As I mentioned earlier, I tested in Processing. I used the Serial library and tried the exmaples that were offered from the website. I found that the sketch would only run when the serial port was set to “8” or “9” – these are the Bluetooth ports. Yet, no data was being read from these – this I now understand is because the MIDI data could be unrecognised by the library… I will try again using a MIDI library e.g. themidibus or proMIDI

As for pd – I found that the program didn’t even register the existence of a MIDI device plugged into the computer. Because of this, I was able to set up the midi device and therefore the example patch did not run properly.

I just realised I should have taken more screenshots of this events. I’ll try again tonight, and document with some images as well….

Below is a copy of the last email from the iCubeX text support team. I will post our correspondence as it occurs in case others are having similar woes.
Hi Kristina

Answers below:

> Hi Tech Support,
> Thank you for your prompt reply.
> To answer your questions,YES I have placed icube.mxo into the max-externals
> folder.
> But NO, I am not using the wi-microDig. I am using the μ-dig. I will
> eventually be using the wi-microDig, but to get a handle on the hardware, I
> have been using the μdig… Is connecting to a power source an issue?

Well, as I mentioned, we strongly suggest making sure there is no
connection to mains power, ie everything should be battery-powered.

> I thought I might need to install a driver because I was using the serial
> port connection. This is what I had to do with other usb connecting
> devices… (Although I’m not sure, because I don’t have much experience
> yet)

It makes sense now. The BioBeat patch is coded to communicate with the
wi-microDig, so it sends/receives messages to/from the serial port.
The microDig, on the other hand, connects via a USB MIDI-interface, so
it sends straight MIDI messages. One possibility is to modify the
patch and replace the serial object with midiin, midiout objects. For
testing purposes, it would be easier to just connect with the Editor
software, which can receive the data from the BioBeat.

> Another thing I forgot to mention in my last email, is that when I connect
> the sensor and digtizer to my computer, not all of the LEDs are being lit.
> The U2 Midi cable flashes red, but only on the input. The output (from
> computer, input to digtizer) does not light up at all.

That’s fine, it means the microDig is sending MIDI messages to the
computer, but not vice versa. The computer will only send messages to
the microDig when you are configuring the device. After that, the
microDig will just spit out MIDI messages based on the sensor data.

> My digitzer only shows the red power LED and the OUT led is orange.
> The USB connection flashes red when it is connected to my computer (and the
> rest of the set up).

I’m confused, which device are you referring to here?


I-CubeX Technical Support


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