After FINALLY managing to configure the digitizer to the computer (in the iCube-X editor)… I started trying to work out how to actually see the sensors working – trying to see if i could make the test EKG patch in Max pick up something (anything). I haven’t had much luck, but I did discover the GForce-3D sensors that look as though they could be a great alternative to the proximity sensor.

GForce3D-3 v1.1 senses dynamic acceleration (or deceleration) and inclination (tilt, ie. acceleration due to gravitation) in three dimensions simultaneously. View the data using our software. A visually exciting sensor. Can be held in the palm of your hand. Measures upto 3 G.
Taken from the iCubeX website: http://www.infusionsystems.com

An example using the g-force sensors

Video documentation (attention, it’s in español o_O )


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