Soundscape using breath taken from sport… Nike advert

This was a wonderful Nike advertisement that I saw a few years ago.
It is relevant to my project because of the way the breath of the athletes have been composited to make the soundscape for the ad.
It illustrates the meaning behind the actions that could even be a vocabulary of breath. Each type of breath speaks about the action being performed by the player, and belongs to a certain situation in the fight. One could be rhythmic breathing in transit to a destination, or it could be a deep breath in to signify the anticipation of a strenuous move or the execution of a attacking action e.g. a basketball dunk or a tennis serve. This language can be similarly applied to karate and the way the players breath tells its own narrative.

I will start to record the breathing of kumite and deconstruct it in a similar way I have with the video annotation. This may be an interesting way to engage the audience in the performance as well as using a “language” that is identifiable to non-practitioners.

Watch the Nike Advert



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