Kumite (annotated) Version 2.0

I have chosen a match of kumite between 2 high level competitors (Elisa Au from the USA and Tiffany Fanjat from France).
The purpose of annotating a karate fight is to research more into possible threads of story telling and the a possible narrative of kumite.

My previous post (Layer 1), was a spatial commentary of the micro-movements of the fighters in relation to one another as well as within the space. It tells the story of how a “point” (by definition of the World Karate Federation Guidelines) is constructed and the interplay of the fighters in an effort to maintain or regain control in a fight situation. The movements are clear and obvious when the fight has been analysed.

The second layer includes slow motion replays of key moments during the fight where the tension shifts or pressure is increased or dispelled for a moment.
The duration of the fight is around 2 minutes, and with the stoppage time, the video is around 3 minutes long. In Version 2.0, I have included text stills to convey a sort of flash card effect of the multiple key emotions that I imagine to be running through the minds of the athletes. I have chosen these based on personal experience, and I can’t be sure that this is how the girls felt. Although, I can deduce from their body language and their choice of action, that these are likely to be just assumptions.

The final stage of my video annotation will be Version 3.0 or Layer 3. This will be a graphical annotation of the video to contrast a verbal description of the events.


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