Sensoriffic… a journey

Having some problems connecting my senors with my computer…. I continually get the error Unable to properly connect to digitizer”… I have tried to use the MIDI and USB interfaces and get the same error in the i-cubeX editor.
Still troubleshooting online… but it looks bleak for today…
… hmm.. ok.. now looking into booking the computer from cofa..

I went to the i-cubeX website and downloaded the appropriate Editor for my operating system and plugged the digitzer into my computer via the usb midi connector. I plugged the sensor in with the red wire on top and tried all of the ports, the computer is registering the USB. The editor is able to connect to the digitize, however, when i click Configure, even though the usb is being read, because i see it as one of the options to configure, when i click Test Connection, I get the error “Unable to properly connect to the digitizer”. I tried with both sensors and using all the ports of the digitzer.
When I tried with the PC, I was using Windows7, but the same result occurs.
I thought perhaps I was missing a driver for my mac. I have searched on the web to troubleshoot, and found that a few others had this problem, but I could not find and solutions to their posts on the Processing forum, or other forums.

I only tried testing using the icubeX editor to test if the hardware was working — this may inherently be my “fatal” error. But even using this ‘simple’ interface, I have not managed to configure my digitizer to my computer…

Similarly, I downloaded some Max patches, however they do not seem to be reading the input from the digitzer… although, I didn’t think it would work anyway because the LEDs show “power”, “out” but “IN” is not lit.

I have a feeling I am missing a very trivial step…

S.O.S. please…


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