re-opening credits…

Starting my final semester and I seem to be constantly in anticipation of what lies ahead for me. It’s a tricky balancing act of appreciating ‘the moment’ and seeing into the future, trying to read the signs.
After a somewhat turbulent first half of the year – it seems as though Assemblage and the Randomness and Connectedness of Things is the “flavour of the season” so to speak.
My courses were not chosen because of their possibility to cross over one another, yet there are many parallels and overlaps of material and thinking in approach and design process.
I have my final work to consider that is due in 2 weeks and I have no idea how I will smelt the Materials, Process and Contexts course into a singular piece that will aptly reflect my learnings and personality.
Can it be done??
Meanwhile, I have discovered my latest art-crush: Ida Applebroog.
She is wonderful, I hope that I have the sensitivity, playfulness and presence that she has, when I am 80 years old.
Her work has evolved with the times and with her as a personal, physically and mentally. She doesn’t like labels and she does not restrict herself to one medium – rather she says she simple has to express something within her – no matter how it happens. Which I think is inspiring.

I have my first presentation tomorrow… What. Will. I. Talk. About???
I had an idea, but while I was running it over with Charbs, I realised that it is completely flimsy and littered with inconsistency and probably wishful thinking in the world we live in.
I want my product to be community based and run – I want it to have the possibility of making an example of the community it is in – in order to maybe affect other places. I want it – even if it is naive to think that environmental education on the small scale could make a difference — to at the very least draw the interpersonal bonds of a community together and make people feel responsible for their local actions and be aware of the larger scale effects of their actions.
Too much to ask?
I was shot down last night.. and Charbs has a point. For there to be an actual affect on our carbon footprint, or what ever you want to call our impact on the environment – there needs to be a mass global shift of thinking and acting from everyone.
Is sustainable design just a fanciful concept that will never attain it’s purpose?
I still have hope, but as I wipe over and out of these tangents… I see that this will be a great opportunity to research the merits of sustainable design and the actual environmental impacts of design decisions.
I would like to steer away from simply education – and rather think about provoking actions from the public that then, lead to self-education. Sort of like the teaching a man to fish proverb.
In the meantime, thank you for re-visiting this space.. it has been pretty bleak here since 2008… I hope you’ll stick with me for the transition-make-over that begun at the first work of this blog.

More on the randomness and journey next time…


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