What i took from my trip to the Top End

Travelling changes you and opens the viel of illusion of “reality” the more you do it, and more you open yourself to. I went to a small community 3 hours north west of Darwin for a week and met the kids at the 2 local schools as well as some of the older members of the community.
I started to think about the metaphor within movement. In particular from the perstpective of traditional dance. The idea that each dance represents an animal – mimicking the characteristic movements of the animal in an artistic dance to traditional music – where the rhythms of the music conjure sensations of the terrain and tell a story – interlacing with the physical dancing itself.

Some thoughts from a brainstorm:
– Interacting animals – could be related to interacting adversaries –> indigenous/ traditional dance vs. kung fu (where the style of fighting mimicks animals)
– Metaphor of animals within the space/ ecosystem – balance – autopoiesis

1. Attack/ defence
2. “Floating”/ abrupt
3. Intermediary/ Point of climax
4. Breathing – dynamic – deep/ sudden/ gasps
– RHYTHM – audio narrative
5. Heatrate – variable over time – could have a relationship with performer’s breathing?


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