writing the damn thing

Ref: http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/14199/Synapse_2008_-_arc_linkage.pdf
The Inter-Arts Office will support proposals that best demonstrate:
• Innovation in creative art practice and artistic merit of the proposal, including the
interdisciplinary nature of the proposed program
Clearly identified research objectives, including the benefit of the project to the
collaborating partners
, and more broadly the fields of both the arts and sciences
• That the project is viable and adequately resourced, with potential to leverage
broader industry support
• The skills and experience of the project team relevant to the proposal
• The extent to which the proposal meets the aims of the Synapse initiative.

Project summary including a description of the project (summarising aims,
significance and expected outcomes)
9. Description of the potential benefits of the project to the partners in the collaboration, and more broadly to the fields of science and the arts
10. Budget outline for the project including total cost of project, proposed amount
requested from ARC and the proposed requested partner organisation
contribution from the Australia Council. The budget must also indicate to which
items of expenditure the Australia Council funds are to be allocated


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