IMAGINATION – Joan Miro (15/02/1959)

“It’s a struggle between myself and what I am doing, between myself and the canvas between myself and my discomfort. This struggle excites and inspires my. I work until the discomfort goes away.

I begin my painting becasue something jolts me away from reality. This shock can be caused by a little thread that comes loose from the canvas, a drop of water that falls, the fingerpaint my thumb leaves on the shiny surface of this table.

In any case, I need a point of departure, whether it’s a fleck of dust or a burst of light. This form gives birth to a series of things, one thing leads to another.

A piece of thread, therefore, can unleash a world. I invent a world from a supposedly dead thing. And when I give it a title, it becomes even more alive.

I find my titles in the process of working, as one thing leads to another on my canvas, When I have the title, I live in its atmosphere. The title then becomes completely real for me, in the same way that a model, a reclining woman, for example can become real for another painter. For me, the title is a very precise reality.”


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