Evolving Sonic Environment III

I was looking through my mailbox and I found some old links that I had used for research for Design Programming. “Evolving Sonic Environments” is a project by Usman Haque (whose work I love) and Rob Davis

Rob’s documentation for the project is here

Summary sourced from the documentation of the collaborators:
The aim of “Evolving Sonic Environments” originally started with the idea of creating an adaptive system of sonically coupled devices able to interact with people and able to determine their presence or absence with no explicit sensors included in their design for this purpose. The devices communicated using very high pitched acoustic waves at around 16 KHz, just on the edge of most people’s audible range.

The project consists of two embodiments: a society of sonic devices distributed in a room and a mechanism for recording and reviewing the history of the population. It is hoped that the collective behaviours of the devices will be affected by the way that the room is occupied (by people or other mobile objects) and, as such, the room will develop a “perception” of its occupancy. One might say that the society of devices together function as a “people sensor”, though there are no “people sensing” functions built into the individual devices.

Evolving Sonic Environment III is an acoustically-coupled analog neural network, consisting of a society of devices whose behaviour collectively changes in response to the pitch ascendancy or descendency that each one detects. In contrast to earlier versions of the project (which operated at much higher frequencies), humans will be able to participate more directly in the adaptation process by making sounds of their own.

I really like the idea of mapping a room’s history. The idea that the room “develops a perception of it’s occupancy” is really cool – I wonder if I could show a similar idea when the room is being used for a martial arts performance?

Will be back with more questions that need to be answered…

On another note, Adrian has sent me a link for where he bought the sensors. I feel like I should see if I can actually make something happen??


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