Nothing much to update… just that I have started reading and realising with each new chapter that there is so much work to do. I started with “The Prosthetic Impulse” because “Material Thinking” wasn’t available in the Scitech Library. No Prob. Since there is so much available that I had my hands full before even realising it!

I’ll write more about my relflections from reading the chapter 1 from the Prosthetic Impulse in my next blog, but I will mention that I came across Ulrike Gabriel… and his work “Breath”. The link to the blog is here: http://theinnerbreath.blogspot.com/

He created an interactive system that was reactive to participant’s breath and displayed ambient visualisations from data collected by sensor harnesses from the rate of breathing by the particiapants. I was thinking of tracking the rate of breathing during the performance of a kata and this work has inspired me to look more into the methods he employed.

I liked the idea of indirect interaction and the concept of “counter history” emerging from time-based events that were not locked into a particular order. I also thought that fact that the reaction of images being slow to use data from a previous participant was also a nice touch.

A nice quote from David Rokeby I found will serve as an excellent guideline for my idea development:

“Because the computer is purely logical, the language of interaction should strive to be intuitive. Because the computer removes you from your body, the body should be strongly engaged. Because the computer’s activity takes place on the tiny playing field of integrated circuits, the encounter with the computer should take place in human-scaled physical space. Because the computer is objective and disinterested, the experience should be intimate.”


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